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Aviation Pulps

The Spider

G-8 and His Battle Aces

G-8, master spy and brilliant air force pilot, leads Bull Martin and Nippy Weston into battle during World War One. Germany and America's enemies have aligned all forms of evil to combat our hero.


The Red Falcon The Red Falcon Journey back to an Age of Aces! The Yanks and English know him as "The Red Falcon." The French call him "L' Faucon Rouge." And the Germans curse him as "Verdamnt Der Rot Falker". Meet Barry Rand. Unjustly wanted for a firing squad on his own side of the lines-facing death from the Germans on the other. He is a man abandoned by his country, but still willing to die for it!
Dusty Ayres Dusty Ayres The Black Invaders have conqured Europe and have now taken hold of Canada. Led by their Super Ace Pilot, the Black Hawk, they are poised to begin their assualt on America. Its up to Dusty Ayres, Super Ace of the U.S. Air Defense, and his squadron of Battle Birds, to stop the assualt on the free world.