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Phantom Detective

The Phantom Detective

The Phantom Detective pulp lasted for 170 issues from February, 1933 through Fall, 1953. Richard Curtis Van Loan -- The Phantom Detective. The greatest sleuth of all time! A worthy successor to Auguste Dupin, Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin and Philo Vance.

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High Adventure #66: Suicide Squad Special Edition
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Phantom Detective: Emperor of Death by Robert Wallace
The Phantom Detective classic pulp magazine began with this very issue, which was originally published in February, 1933. The Phantom Detective continued regular publication well into the 1950s.

As the lead story, this issue features a complete novel: "The ... read more


Complete Tales of Dr. Thaddeus C. Harker by Edwin Truett Long

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Dime Detective Companion by James L. Traylor

Dime Detective Magazine was second only to Black Mask as the dean of detective/P.I./hard-boiled pulp magazines, and was the home of Carroll John Daly, Frederick Nebel, John D. MacDonald, Cornell Woolrich, Erle Stanley Gardner, and many other top-notch scribes.

... read more


G Stands For Glory by Norvell Page

Known best for his work on Popular Publications' The Spider, pulp scribe Norvell Page proved he was no slouch when it came to penning gangster and G-man epics! This book collects all eleven stories Page wrote for "Ace ... read more


More Tales of the Defective Detective

Edited by Gary Hoppenstand, Garyn G. Roberts & Ray B. Browne

From the pages of Dime Mystery and the editors who brought us the first anthology, The Defective Detective is this follow up anthology which brings us great classic pulp fiction featuring the ... read more