Pulp Fiction Interviews

Hugh B. Cave August, 1999
In a followup to his 1996 interview, Hugh Cave talks again with Tim Dill about pulps and his ongoing writing career.

Talmage Powell December, 1997
Talmage Powell has been writing for over fifty years now. His career has included the pulps, paperbacks, and television. With hundreds of stories to his credit, he has been consistently creative, inventive, and always entertaining. He was gracious enough to answer some of our questions recently about his experiences and perspective on writing.

Wll Murray April, 1997
Will Murray, author, pulp historian, literary agent for the Lester Dent estate, and the list of titles continues. His definitive works on pulp legends Walter B. Gibson and Lester Dent are legendary themselves. He discovered Doc Savage through the Bantam paperbacks in the late sixties and eventually became "Kenneth Robeson" to officially pen the Doc Savage novels in the nineties.

Tom Johnson February, 1997
Tom Johnson is the publisher of the currently longest running fanzine, Echoes which dates back to the early 1980's and with over 90 issues produced. He also has a number of pulp history pieces to his credit as well. See the Fanzine department for available issues of Echoes.

Hugh B. Cave December, 1996
Hugh Cave had written over 800 pulp stories in all pulp genres. His career continued beyond pulps, into the slicks and a run of successful horror/dark fantasy novels in the 1970's and 1980's. Mr. Cave is still actively writing today, but found the time to sit down with Tim Dill for an interview with us last December. See also, the Hugh Cave Online! section for his stories.


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