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Spicy Adventure Magazine

Published by Culture Publications. Ninety five issues in total from July 1934 through December 1942 where it was retitled Speed Adventure Stories. Hugh B. Cave writing under the pen name "Justin Case" brings us a series of stories featuring the "Eel" in the exotic island of Borneo. Robert Leslie Bellem appeared numerous times in Spicy Adventure. Other writers included Lew Merril and E. Hoffman Price.

Spicy Adventure Stories August 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Stories include: The White Goddess by Lew Merrill, Luck of the Pipers by Robert Leslie Bellem, Treasure from Kurdistan by E. Hoffman Price and other stories.

Featuring "The White Goddess" by Lew Merrill. "White Master Mary" they called her. And she was a goddess ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories may 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Featuring "Bones of Pizarro" by Kenneth A. Nelson. "The secret of the remains of the dead conquistdor will bring bloodshed in its wake," the old man warned. And his prophecy had come true! Bob wasn't worried for himself, but for his lovely financee.

Plus stories ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories Sept 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Featuring The Dragon of Kao Tsu by Sam Walser... She came from high society and she should have known she had no business associating with a gorilla like Wild Bill Clanton. However, the job she wanted done was plain burglary, and her code of honor wouldn't let her turn t ... read more


Spicy Adventure: August 1939 by Spicy Adventure

RED DAWN by Lew Merrill. His own countrymen would have none of him, but, though he fought in Saracen armor, he was first of all Anglo Saxon.

SANDAKAN SHAKE UP by Robert Leslie Bellem. Mallon could threaten the Chineese merchant's wife; he could trick her husband. ... read more


Spicy Adventure: December 1940 by Spicy Adventure

THE GREAT GOD HARRIS by Lew Merril. The Flatland Folk made him a god, and as their god, it was his destiny to marry the loveliest of all their women. Back on Earth, Phil had been in love with Laura. Here in Flatland, he could think of no one but Naya.

ISLAND TRAM ... read more


Spicy Adventure: Mar. 1940 by Spicy Adventure

VAIN VICTORY by Robert Leslie Bellem. Foreign governments would have given a lot for the plans to the next torpedo, and Jeff knew that spies would be after it. But he didn't know how far they would go! And when the girl he loved tricked him --

BUSTAMENTE, BURRO ... read more



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