Spicy Detective Magazine

Spicy Adventure

Published by Culture Publications. 104 issues in total from April 1934 through December 1942 where it was retitled Speed Detective Stories.

One of the most popular characters to come from the pages of Spicy Detective was Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective. Author Robert Leslie Bellem created a hardboiled character fused with humor and spicy.

A number of other top authors also graced the pages of Spicy Detective including E. Hoffman Price, Hugh B. Cave, Norvell Page and Arthur Wallace.

The original Spicy Detective pulps are highly collectable and generally scarce. Luckily our small press publishers are making these available in reprint or replica format. Reprints are generally priced in the $9.95 to $19.95 range with replicas in the $24.95 to $34.95 range. Reprints sometimes retype set the magazine print or only reprint the main stories. Replicas attempt to be as close to possible the original pulp magazines.




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