Mysterious Wu Fang


The Case of the Six Coffins by Robert J. Hogan

From the September, 1935 issue of The Mysterious Wu Fang. There is one Val Kildare. It is my wish that he die the most painful death in our power to inflict." From an underground room in Limehouse this order was given. And now, across the Atlantic, sped a murder cargo to wipe out the only man who stood between Wu Fang, Emperor of Crime, and his conquest of the world.

The Case of the Scarlet Feather by Robert J. Hogan

"When I know the secret of the five casks, I will be all powerful. Find the one who can tell me the secret. I will wait -- but not for long." This was the command Wu Fang gave to his agents deep in New York's Chinatown.


Selected Titles:


11935 The Case of the Six Coffins
21935 The Case of the Scarlet Feather
31935 The Case of the Yellow Mask
41935 The Case of the Suicide Tomb
51936 The Case of the Green Death
61936 The Case of the Black Lotus
71936 The Case of the Hidden Scourge