Secret Six

The Secret Six is a crime fighting team published by Popular Publications in this short lived series that only lasted four issues. King, on death row as an innocent man, is busted out of prison and begins to lead his team towards proving his innocence and fighting crime.


The Red Shadow by Robert J. Hogan

It struck out of the night, a monster whose blood-red shadow brought death to everyone it touched. What was this weird Thing? Beneath its reign of terror, police were powerless. But grimly, out of the list of victims, rose six men-six men who vowed to track the scarlet killer down a suicide road to a murder showdown!

House of Walking Corpses by Robert J. Hogan

Two months ago James had died. Yet now he walked again-a thing resurrected from the tomb! What was the secret of the curse that was turning one of America's richest houses into a family of living dead? Grimly, King and his Secret 6 pit their skill against the strange murder scheme of a corpse master.

The Monster Murders by Robert J. Hogan

"Giant dogs at large... Kill several in Manhattan..." The nation read this story with horror, Dogs as big as horses-dogs that mutilated and destroyed. What were these beasts? What fiendish hand directed them? Only the Secret 6 guessed the real menace, dared follow the crimson tracks of a monster killer.

The Golden Alligator by Robert J. Hogan

When King found a man buried alive he knew he was on the trail of his strangest case. But it wasn't until the second murder had been committed before his very eyes that he realized he was pitted against a clever enemy--a master criminal who was gambling for fabulous stakes in a game of golden death!


Selected Titles:


11934 The Red Shadow
21934 House of Walking Corpses
31934 The Monster Murders
41934 The Golden Alligator