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    Jackpot by Bill Pronzini

Why would a successful, good-looking young man, who had just won two hundred thousand dollars at a Lake Tahoe casino, kill himself? That's the question Nameless asks himself when he finds a friend's brother dead--an apparent suicide, was more than luck involved in his windfall? Or was his good fortune reason enough for murder?

Year: 1990
Genre: GamblingMurder Mystery

    Fever by Bill Pronzini

Nameless had told Mitchell Krochek that he'd do whatever he could to find his missing wife, Janice. She'd run away before--propelled by a gambling fever that grew ever higher--and Mitch had always taken her back. This time, when Nameless, his partner Tamara, and the agency's chief operative Jake Runyon finally found her in a sleazy San Francisco hotel, she demanded a divorce.

Year: 2008
Genre: GamblingMissing Person




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1990Jackpot by Bill Pronzini Murder Mystery, Gambling, Nameless Detective, Lake Tahoe
2008Fever by Bill Pronzini Missing Person, Gambling, Nameless Detective





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