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    Mind of My Mind by Octavia E. Butler

Mary is a treacherous experiment. Her creator, an immortal named Doro, has molded the human race for generations, seeking out those with unusual talents like telepathy and breeding them into a new subrace of humans who obey his every command. The result is Mary: a young black woman living on the rough outskirts of Los Angeles in the 1970s, who has no idea how much power she will soon wield.

Year: 1977
Genre: Genetic EngineeringTelepathy

    Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler

As the acclaimed Patternist science fiction series begins, two immortals meet in the long-ago past—and mankind’s destiny is changed forever.

Year: 1980
Genre: Genetic EngineeringScience Fiction

    Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler

This is the story of an apparently young, amnesiac girl whose alarmingly unhuman needs and abilities lead her to a startling conclusion: She is in fact a genetically modified, 53-year-old vampire. Forced to discover what she can about her stolen former life, she must at the same time learn who wanted-and still wants-to destroy her and those she cares for and how she can save herself.

Year: 2005
Genre: Genetic EngineeringVampires

    A Borrowed Man by Gene Wolfe

It is perhaps a hundred years in the future, our civilization is gone, and another is in place in North America, but it retains many familiar things and structures. Although the population is now small, there is advanced technology, there are robots, and there are clones. E. A. Smithe is a borrowed person. He is a clone who lives on a third-tier shelf in a public library, and his personality is an uploaded recording of a deceased mystery writer. Smithe is a piece of property, not a legal human.

Year: 2015
Genre: Genetic EngineeringSpeculative




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1977Mind of My Mind by Octavia E. Butler Genetic Engineering, Telepathy, Patternist, Los Angeles
1980Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering, Patternist
2005Fledgling by Octavia E. Butler Vampires, Genetic Engineering
2015A Borrowed Man by Gene Wolfe Speculative, Genetic Engineering





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