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    War as I Knew It by George S. Patton

First published in 1947, War as I Knew It is an absorbing narrative that draws from Patton's vivid memories of battle and his detailed diaries, covering the moment the Third Army exploded onto the Brittany Peninsula to the final Allied casualty report.

Year: 1947
Genre: US ArmyWWII: Europe

    To Hell and Back by Audie Murphy

Originally published in 1949, To Hell and Back was a smash bestseller for fourteen weeks and later became a major motion picture starring Audie Murphy as himself. More than seventy years later, this classic wartime memoir is just as gripping as it was then.

Year: 1949
Genre: BiographyUS ArmyWorld War IIWWII: American Heroes

    The Wit & Wisdom of General George S. Patton by George S. Patton

The wit and wisdom of one of our greatest military leaders in a compact, highly readable edition!

Year: 2007
Genre: US Army

    The Liberator by Alex Kershaw

One World War II Soldier's 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau. The untold story of the bloodiest and most dramatic march to victory of the Second World War--soon to be a Netflix original series starring Jose Miguel Vasquez, Bryan Hibbard, and Bradley James

Year: 2012
Genre: US ArmyWWII: Concentration CampsWWII: Europe




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1947War as I Knew It by George S. Patton US Army, WWII: Europe, Non-Fiction
1949To Hell and Back by Audie Murphy Biography, US Army, World War II, WWII: American Heroes, Non-Fiction
2007The Wit & Wisdom of General George S. Patton by George S. Patton US Army, Non-Fiction
2012The Liberator by Alex Kershaw US Army, WWII: Concentration Camps, WWII: Europe, Non-Fiction





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