A Calculated Logic

by Robert Weinberg

The Very Rational Return of A Logical Magician

If monsters evolve, so must the method of combatting them...

In our contemporary world, old techniques no longer work against the forces of darkness. Changing times require changing solutions...

Jack Collins's business trip to Las Vegas is anything but fun and games. Why? Because his boss is Merlin the Magician--and Jack's job is saving the modern world from ancient dark forces.

A centuries-old legend, the Old Man of the Mountain, has returned with a vengeance. This time he has science on his side--a vial of biological plague germs as deadly as any black magic--and he plans to sell it to the highest bidder. The winner could be demon, devil, or demigod. Either way, the loser is humanity. But a new gambler is vying for a piece of the action: Jack Collins. And he's packing a weapon that strikes fear in the hearts of humans and nonhumans alike: advanced mathematics...

First Published: 1996

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