A Maze of Death

by Philip K. Dick

A sci-fi murder mystery set on a mysterious planet, with a twist ending that leaves the reader wondering just what they've been witnessing the whole time. Delmak-O is a dangerous planet. Though there are only fourteen citizens, no one can trust anyone else and death can strike at any moment. The planet is vast and largely unexplored, populated mostly by gelatinous cube-shaped beings that give cryptic advice in the form of anagrams. Deities can be spoken to directly via a series of prayer amplifiers and transmitters, but they may not be happy about it.

And the mysterious building in the distance draws all the colonists to it, but when they get there each sees a different motto on the front. The mystery of this structure and the secrets contained within drive this mind-bending novel.

First Published:1970

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A Maze of Death
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ISBN: 9780553107401      ISBN 10: 0553107402
Publisher: Bantam Books  1977

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A Maze of Death
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A Maze of Death
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A Maze of Death
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781407246383      ISBN 10: 1407246380
Publisher: Gollancz  2013

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