A Talent for the Invisible

A Talent for the Invisible

by Ron Goulart

In 2020 A.D. even 20-20 vision wouldn't help you to see Jack Conger when he was working. Because Jack was an operative of the Wild Talents Division of the U.S. Remedial Functions Agency -- and his particular specialty was making himself invisible.

The RFA sent him where nobody else was able to go. Another one whom nobody was able to set eyes upon was the scientist known as the Sandman. The legendary sandman of childhood myth used to put people to sleep. This one woke them up -- much to the chagrin of governments and plotters who had assassinated them. So they sent the Invisible Man to find the Unseen Resurrectionist....

First Published: 1973

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A Talent for the Invisible
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780879970376      ISBN 10: 0879970375
Publisher: DAW  1973

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