Absolute Power

Absolute Power

by David Baldacci

When burglar Luther Whitney breaks into a Virginia mansion, he witnesses a brutal crime involving the president -- a man who believes he can get away with anything -- and now, Luther may be the only one who can stop him in this bestselling thriller.

In a heavily guarded mansion in the Virginia countryside, professional burglar and break-in artist Luther Whitney is trapped behind a two-way mirror. What he witnesses destroys his faith not only in justice, but in all he holds dear. What follows is an unthinkable abuse of power and criminal conspiracy, as a breathtaking cover-up is set in motion by those appointed to work for one of the most important people in the world -- the President of the United States.

First Published: 1996

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Absolute Power
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780446519960      ISBN 10: 0446519960
Publisher: Warner Books  1996

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Absolute Power
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Absolute Power
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Absolute Power
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Publisher: Vision  2010

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Absolute Power
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781455542598      ISBN 10: 1455542598
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing  2016

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