After Silence

by Jonathan Carroll

A man is drawn to a woman hiding a dark secret in a thriller Stephen King calls “terrifying, compelling reading.”

Max Fischer is at the Los Angeles County Museum when he sees the woman and child who will change his life. They are Lincoln and Lily Aaron, a precocious ten-year-old and his quick-witted mother, and before Max realizes it, he’s inviting them to lunch. It seems like an innocent chance encounter, but in the years to come Max will wonder if he hadn’t been doomed from the start.

He falls quickly for the beautiful, opinionated woman, and is about to propose marriage when he learns that Lily is harboring a dark secret—one that will change Max’s life forever.

This ebook contains an all-new introduction by Jonathan Carroll, as well as an exclusive illustrated biography of the author including rare images from his personal collection.

First Published: 1992

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After Silence
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780356203423      ISBN 10: 0356203425
Publisher: Macdonald  1992

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After Silence
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After Silence
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ISBN: 9780349103471      ISBN 10: 034910347X
Publisher: Doubleday  1993

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