All Our Yesterdays

by Robert B. Parker

"All Our Yesterdays" opens amid the violence and tumult of 1920s Ireland with Conn Sheridan, a reckless young IRA captain. Conn's forbidden affair with Hadley Winslow, a Boston tycoon's wife, initiates a dangerous entanglement of desire and blackmail between two families that will span three generations. When a shattering betrayal forces Conn to flee Ireland, he beings a new life in America as a Boston cop. There, the violence and obsessions of Conn's past continue to haunt him as he marries and has a son, Gus.

Gus Sheridan will follow his father into the police force, rising to head the city's homicide division. He will also inherit his father's daredevil toughness, dangerous obsessions -- and a cool reserve softened only by his unspoken love for his own son, Chris.

And it is Chris Sheridan, a young special prosecutor, who will close the circle of treachery and betrayal that began with his grandfather in Ireland. For Chris Sheridan will uncover, piece by piece, the shocking truth about his family's past and even about Grace, the beautiful, sophisticated Boston woman he wants to marry.

Grand in scope, "All Our Yesterdays" creates a living, breathing portrait of an era... and of two families who must come to terms with their heritage, and with the violence, the obsessions and the deceit that both define and haunt them.

First Published:1994

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All Our Yesterdays
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All Our Yesterdays
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ISBN: 9780440221463      ISBN 10: 0440221463
Publisher: Dell Books  1995

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