Alternate Routes

by Tim Powers


Something weird is happening on the Los Angeles Freeways--phantom cars materialize, lanes appear from nowhere, and unmarked offramps lead into another world known as the Labyrinth of Forever. As a driver for a supernatural-evasion car service, it's Sebastian Vickery's job to avoid these anomalies. But when a secret government agency tries to have him killed for knowing too much, Vickery must plunge headlong into that plane of ghosts, myths, and legends. There he'll discover that he has much more to fear than death: something lurks in that otherworldly realm--and it has designs on our world.

About Alternate Routes:

"Powers continues his run of smashing expectations and then playing with the pieces in this entertaining urban fantasy. . . . this calculated, frenetic novel ends with hope for redemption born from chaos. Powers' work is recommended for urban fantasy fans who enjoy more than a dash of the bizarre."--Publishers Weekly

"Alternate Routes is both a thrilling mash-up of science fiction, fantasy, and horror and a work of startling moral sophistication. The horror packs a wallop, and there's as much in the way of suspense and tension as the reader can bear. Powers takes us on one hell of a ride."--The Federalist

First Published:2018

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Alternate Routes
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ISBN: 9781481483407      ISBN 10: 1481483404
Publisher: Baen  2018

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Alternate Routes
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ISBN: 9781481484275      ISBN 10: 1481484273
Publisher: Baen  2019

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