Army of the Dead

by Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis

ZOMBIES MARCHED . . . soulless storm troops of a sinister madman's plot. Freedom was in mortal peril, as was Jimmy Christopher, Operator 5 of the nation's spy service, battling the bloody tide that swirled on land and sea. Into Death's Temple Jimmy rushed headlong . . . where the archfiend awaited, eager to sacrifice him on the bloody altar of tyranny . . . and resurrect him as a mindless recruit in . . .

In the mining district, the dead were being returned to life! From coast to coast -- in tiny villages and in sumptuous apartments on Park Avenue -- every one was talking of it eagerly. Untold thousands were worshipping the man who could free them from the greatest of all human fears -- death!

Operator 5, ace of the American Secret Service, had good reason to suspect the Master of Death, for the brilliant, unscrupulous scientist carried the fight to him, boasted of his power! He was craftily building an army of fanatical, half-mad followers. He planned to make himself Emperor of America -- and he challenged Jimmy Christopher to stop him!

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Year First Published:1935
Series: Operator 5 # 12

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