THE AVENGER #10: Sanctum Books

Pictures of Death, The Green Killer, and Calling Justice Inc.

by Kenneth Robeson

From the creators of Doc Savage. Three thrilling novels by Kenneth Robeson.... the Avenger and Justice, Inc. wage war against supercrime!

Pictures of Death
Smuggled Pictures of Death are only a sinister prelude to deadly sabotage and mass destruction!

The Green Killer
The Avenger and Justice, Inc. hunt for the antidote to The Green Killer, a deadly malady that transforms men into apelinke monstrosities. Could the cure bring death to The Avenger?

Calling Justice, Inc.
An innocent-looking briefcase holds more danger for Nellie Gray than a truckload of TNT in "Calling Justice, Inc."

First Published: 2013

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THE AVENGER #10: Sanctum Books
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781608771134
Publisher: Sanctum Books  2013

Min: $37.31
Max: $50.00
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