THE AVENGER #11: Sanctum Books

Black Death, Happy Killers, and Cargo of Doom

by Kenneth Robeson

The Happy Killers
A stolen formula transforms ordinary people into super human murder machines in The Happy Killers

The Black Death
Targeted with The Black Death, The Avenger must unmask the satanic mastermind behind the Black Wings Cult before his own life is forfeit!

Cargo of Doom
A child makes an appeal for help to Richard Henry Benson, leading The Avenger along the deadly trail to a Cargo of Doom.

First Published: 2013

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THE AVENGER #11: Sanctum Books
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781608771189
Publisher: Sanctum Books  2013

Min: $29.00
Max: $40.00
Median: $36.23
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