THE AVENGER #8: Sanctum Books

House of Death, The Hate Master and A Coffin for the Avenger

by Kenneth Robeson

From the creators of Doc Savage. Three thrilling novels by Kenneth Robeson.... the Avenger and Justice, Inc. wage war against supercrime!

House of DeathThe Avenger enters the House of Death to unravel the mysterious murders befalling the owners of strange gold medallions.

The Hate MasterThe fate of the nation hangs in the balance as Dick Benson attempts to prevent the Hate Master from stealing the presidential election!

A Coffin for the AvengerA single misstep could result in A Coffin for the Avenger in a tale by The Spider's Emile Tepperman.

Plus: an adventure of America's premier detective, Nick Carter.

First Published: 2012

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THE AVENGER #8: Sanctum Books
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781608770953
Publisher: Sanctum Books  2012

Min: $29.95
Max: $50.00
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