The Big Time

by Fritz Leiber

Awarded the Hugo Award during 1958, The Big Time is a story involving only a few characters, but with a vast, cosmic back story.

You don't know about the Change War, but it's influencing your lives all the time and maybe you've had hints of it without realizing. Have you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn't seem to be bringing you exactly the same picture of the past from one day to the next?

Have you ever been afraid that your personality was changing because of forces beyond your knowledge or control? Have you ever felt sure that sudden death was about to jump you from nowhere? Have you ever been scared of Ghosts -- not the story-book kind, but the billions of beings who were once so real and strong it's hard to believe they'll just sleep harmlessly forever?

Have you ever wondered about those things you may call devils or Demons -- spirits able to range through all time and space, through the hot hearts of stars and the cold skeleton of space?

Year First Published:1958

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The Big Time
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The Big Time
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The Big Time
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The Big Time
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