Bright Orange for the Shroud

by John D. MacDonald

Travis McGee is looking forward to a "slob summer," spending his days as far away from danger as possible. But trouble has a way of finding him, no matter where he hides. An old friend, conned out of his life savings by his ex-wife, has tracked him down and is desperate for help. To get the money back and earn his usual fee, McGee will have to penetrate the Everglades--and the mind of a violently twisted grifter.

McGee has never seen a man so changed by one year of life. Arthur Wilkinson had been an amiable and decent young man looking to invest some of his considerable inheritance in a marina enterprise. Then a pretty blonde named Wilma Ferner showed up. She was soon Mrs. Wilkinson, and it took her only a year to leave Arthur bankrupt and broken.

But what starts out as a simple job turns into a dangerous situation when McGee comes face-to-face with a quick-thinking and quicker-fisted foe in the Florida swamps. Now Arthur's fortune isn't the only thing on the line: This job may mean McGee's life.

Year First Published:1965

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Bright Orange for the Shroud
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780449224441      ISBN 10: 0449224449
Publisher: Fawcett  1996

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Bright Orange for the Shroud
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780812983975      ISBN 10: 0812983971
Publisher: Random House  2013

Min Price: $4.21
Max Price: $71.44
Median Price: $8.81
# Books: 36


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