by Ron Goulart

Brinkman is street-wise, moving with assurance down the mean streets of the future, through an America where life in the slums is an unrelenting grind of parsimonious welfare and petty thievery. He is determined to make a better life for himself; Brinkman is a young man who will go far . . . Too far, in fact.

Fleeing the police, he sneaks into an off-limits complex seeking refuge and finds a secret enclave of wealth and privilege hidden carefully from the world of poverty outside. And he finds Beth, a girl he once loved in the slums . . . and who died there long before.

Possessed of this puzzling, and dangerous, bit of information, Brinkman sets out to discover more, and gradually a life begins to piece itself together . . . Brinkman's own.

Ron Goulart's latest vision of America lives up to the reputation for zany, unforgettable novels that has won him the title of "the Woody Allen of Science Fiction."

Year First Published:1981

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781587154768      ISBN 10: 1587154765
Publisher: Wildside Press  2001

Min Price: $17.83
Max Price: $28.80
Median Price: $18.10
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