Catch and Release

Catch and Release

by Lawrence Block

One of the most highly acclaimed novelists in the crime genre, Lawrence Block is also a master of the short story. The sixteen stories (and one stage play ) collected here feature appearances by some of Block s most famous characters, including burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr and private detective Matt Scudder, as well as glimpses into the minds of a rogue's gallery of killers, sociopaths, and crooked cops.

You'll meet a compulsive hoarder whose towering piles of trash and treasures hide disturbing secrets...a beautiful young tennis star with a possessive secret admirer...a dealer in stolen art who is unwilling to part with his most prized players with agendas that have nothing to do with the cards in their hands...and a catch-and-release fisherman whose preferred catch walks on two legs.

First Published: 2013
Short Story/Novella Collection

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Catch and Release
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