Closing Time

by Joseph Heller

In Closing Time, Joseph Heller returns to the characters of Catch-22, now coming to the end of their lives and the century, as is the entire generation that fought in World War II: Yossarian and Milo Minderbinder, the chaplain, and such newcomers as little Sammy Singer and giant Lew, all linked, in an uneasy peace and old age, fighting not the Germans this time, but The End.

Closing Time deftly satirizes the realities and the myths of America in the half century since WWII: the absurdity of our politics, the decline of our society and our great cities, the greed and hypocrisy of our business and culture -- with the same ferocious humor as Catch-22.

Closing Time is outrageously funny and totally serious, and as brilliant and successful as Catch-22 itself, a fun-house mirror that captures, at once grotesquely and accurately, the truth about ourselves.

Year First Published:1994

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Closing Time
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780671746049      ISBN 10: 0671746049
Publisher: Simon & Schuster  1994

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Median Price: $10.00
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Closing Time
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780684804507      ISBN 10: 0684804506
Publisher: Simon & Schuster  1995

Min Price: $1.47
Max Price: $66.76
Median Price: $7.39
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