Crazy in Berlin

by Thomas Berger

Crazy in Berlin is the first volume in the saga of Carlo Reinhart. As an army medic stationed in Allied-occupied Germany, Reinhart is a young man of large bulk (two hundred pounds, plus)--good-hearted, intelligent, and something of a fool.

He pursues with anxiety and bewilderment his custodial role over a shattered and noxious civilization, accompanied by an assortment of influences: Nathan Schild, an American Communist acting as a U.S. intelligence office; the war waif Trudchen, an accommodating Heidi; Schatzi, a charter-member Nazi, now a Russian courier and black market virtuoso.

Crazy in Berlin is a lusty tale, full of irony and wit, of a stumbling American Odysseus.

Thomas Berger’s debut novel of a young man tumultuously coming of age in postwar Germany.

Carlo Reinhart, a young American army medic stationed in Germany, confronts a disturbing new world following the end of World War II. Living in Berlin, a city fractured into barricaded sectors by the occupying powers, Reinhart begins to drive himself mad with memories of the evils he has witnessed and questions about how the atrocities took place.

When he meets an idealistic Jew named Nathan Schild, Reinhart’s turmoil grows more acute. Schild works for both the Americans and the Russians, and he becomes a flashpoint for Reinhart’s anguish over the world’s vast contradictions.

When Schild’s escapades lead to a powerful turning point, Reinhart is forced to come to terms with life’s ambiguities as well as with his own evolving identity.

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Crazy in Berlin
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Crazy in Berlin
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Crazy in Berlin
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