Death Reign of the Vampire King

by Grant Stockbridge

They came at night-- the clouds of blood-thirsting, poisonous vampire bats- led by a strange man-thing who flew high in the black sky, directing their horrible slaughter. Blood was their desire, and they sucked it from the veins of helpless infants, from the white throats and breasts of frantic women, from the hands and faces of terrorized men.

While the authorities doubted and dallied, one man - Richard Wentworth, that brilliant aristocrat who, as the dread Spider, strikes terror in the Underworld - realized that this was another of the devastating onslaughts of lawless genius.

Never before was the Spider so badly handicapped. With his beloved Nita captive, his loyal servants out of the battle, himself unarmed and pursued by law and criminal, he must fight the greatest battle of his life when every chance seems lost and every hope is gone...

First Published: 1935

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