Death Stalks the Night

by Hugh B. Cave

Collects seventeen stories first published in the horror and mystery pulps during the 1930s.

This hardback is a must for fans of the Shudder Pulps. Hugh Cave's collection of Weird Menace & Horror stories is a compilation of classics from the heart of the Weird Menace era and from the top magazines.

Published in 1995, and limited to only 1900 hardback copies, this collection has recently been nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

Death Stalks the Night includes:
Modern Nero
Death's Loving Arms
The Crawling
The Pain Room
The Flame Fiend
Unholy Night!
Dark Slaughter
The Corpse Crypt
Mistress of Dead
Terror Island
Satan's Mistress
Tomb for the Living
Death Holds for Ransom
My pupil--the Idiot!
Death Calls from the Madhouse
Death's Door
Death Stalks the Night

Simple things can breed terror. A lonely road, a cloud masking the moon, the cry of a cat, or the eyes of a bent old man... meaningless things, but sometimes mysteriously charged with weird menace...

First Published: 1995
Short Story/Novella Collection

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Death Stalks the Night
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781878252159      ISBN 10: 1878252151
Publisher: Fedogan and Bremer  1995

Min: $27.58
Max: $103.50
Median: $45.00
# Books: 30

Death Stalks the Night
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781878252173      ISBN 10: 1878252178
Publisher: Fedogan and Bremer  1995

Min: $125.00
Max: $152.00
Median: $149.00
# Books: 5


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