Death's Crimson Juggernaut

by Grant Stockbridge and Norvell Page

Nailed to a cracked tenement wall, bleeding to death from nail driven hands and feet, a beautiful girl hung, crucified. Suddenly, ghoulish laughter shrilled into the night -- the mad triumph cry of the Torture Killer.How could an unsuspecting nation know the dread portent of this first, startling crime, or foresee that the very heart of America would soon be squeezed dry in the Murder Master's crimsoned, relentless hands...

And the Spider himself, fleeing victim of a grim, deadly man-hunt; his allies captured and fettered; his friends fishonored and shamed, is put to the most critical test of his career to battle the dark, evil power of those who drive Death's Crimson Juggernaut!

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Year First Published:1934
Series: The Spider # 14

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