The Deep Blue Good-By

by John D. MacDonald

McGee isn't particularly strapped for cash, but how can anyone say no to Cathy, a sweet backwoods girl who's been tortured repeatedly by her manipulative ex-boyfriend Junior Allen? What Travis isn't anticipating is just how many women Junior has torn apart and left in his wake. Enter Junior's latest victim, Lois Atkinson.

Frail and broken, Lois can barely get out of bed when Travis finds her, let alone keep herself alive. But Travis turns into Mother McGee, giving Lois new life as he looks for the ruthless man who steals women's spirits and livelihoods. But he can't guess how violent his quest is soon to become. He'll learn the hard way that there must be casualties in this game of cat and mouse.

First Published: 1964

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The Deep Blue Good-By
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The Deep Blue Good-By
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The Deep Blue Good-By
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Publisher: Fawcett  1995

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The Deep Blue Good-By
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ISBN: 9780812983920      ISBN 10: 0812983920
Publisher: Random House  2013

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