The Devil's Bride

Mysteries of Jules de Gandin

by Seabury Quinn

THE DEVIl'S BRIDE was the only full-length mystery featuring French occult detective Jules de Grandin. Inspired by Aleister Crowley, and rich with Lovecraftian visions of a gibbering xenomorphic evil from the "dark" continents, THE DEVIl'S BRIDE is an epic tale of black magic, murder and mutilation, rape and torture, and genocidal race war.

This new edition of THE DEVIl'S BRIDE also includes a bonus story, HOUSE OF GOLDEN MASKS, in which vicious white slavers are abducting young girls and subjecting them to bizarre rituals of torture and sexual degradation.

Seabury Quinn's tales of Jules de Grandin were amongst the most popular to appear in Weird Tales magazine, with over 90 episodes appearing between 1926 and 1938. The stories were notable not only for their supernatural overtones, but also for strong elements of sadistic violence, misogynistic torture and cruelty, negative racial profiling, and frequent scenes of female nudity.

In fact, Quinn was sure to include at least one scene of a naked girl under duress in every piece, so that resident cover artist Margaret Brundage was provided with suitably lurid visual material. As relics from a less enlightened age, Quinn's stories can only now be read at face value, and by doing so the reader will enter a weird, sexually perverse world of murder, mayhem, and machine-gun diplomacy.


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The Devil's Bride
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The Devil's Bride
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