Doc Savage: Bantam Omnibus #4

by Kenneth Robeson

Includes the stories: Mystery Island, Men of Fear, Rock Sinister, and The Pure Evil.

Mystery Island: Something sinister causes a whole island to vanish! If Doc can't uncover the fiendish plot behind this startling act, he might be the next to disappear!

Men of Fear: What turned Doc's tough, hard-fisted crew into quivering cowards? To find out, Doc races into a trange mystery and the bizarre secret of a foreign power!

Rock Sinister: Two redheads, an ancient Mayan book, some mysterious photographs, and murder ... it all leads Doc and his crew to South America for a deadly showdown with gun-toting madmen!

The Pure Evil: Suddenly, a creature of pure evil has materialized in our world! Can Doc dive into the mysterious land of the occult to confront a demon - before the demon ends his brilliant career?

Year First Published:1987

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Doc Savage: Bantam Omnibus #4
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780553268027
Publisher: Bantam Books  1987

Min Price: $16.00
Max Price: $149.69
Median Price: $34.95
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