Doc Savage: Bantam Omnibus #7

by Kenneth Robeson

Doc Savage and his comrades explore the Amazon jungles, face pirates who have stolen a U.S. Navy submarine, investigate a series of murders, and try to stop war from breaking out in the Middle East. Includes: The Men Vanished; Five Fathoms Dead, The Terrible Stork, and Danger Lies East

The Men Vanished: A mysterious man with a face like a pre-Columbian stone image lures Doc and his crew to a madman's secret empire deep in the Amazon jungles. There are seven of the world's foremost explorers have inexplicably vanished. Is Doc next?

Five Fathoms Dead: When a submarine commandeered by crooks begins hijacking warships from the U.S. Navy, Doc races to the rescue -- only to find himself up against a bloodthirsty gang of modern-day pirates.

The Terrible Stork: Why are people being murdered for a cheap tin statuette of a stork? The search for an answer takes Doc and his crew from a Long Island cemetery at night to a secret vault in the lowest and most dangerous depths of the Grand Canyon.

Danger Lies East: War is about to break out in the Middle East - unless Doc and his men can stop a fanatic from giving the word to his millions of crazed followers. Doc's Quest to find the madman becomes a terrifying race to save the world from total annihilation.

Year First Published:1988

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Doc Savage: Bantam Omnibus #7
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780553276169
Publisher: Bantam Books  1988

Min Price: $17.95
Max Price: $91.82
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