Doc Savage: Bantam Omnibus #8

by Kenneth Robeson

Includes the stories: The Mental Monster, The Pink Lady, Weird Valley, and Trouble On Parade

The Mental Monster: A ruthless master criminal with the horrifying power to read men's minds becomes Doc's greatest challenge -- and he'll need every ounce of his muscle and brain power to fight and survive!

The Pink Lady: A terrified young lady tries desperately to contact Doc Savage, but she's burned to a crisp in a hotel lobby before she can reach him -- thus launching Doc on one of his strangest escapades ever!

Weird Valley: A man who had found the secret of eternal life is murdered, and Doc's search for the truth leads to a hidden valley deep in Mexico -- where eternal life awaits some, and death awaits Doc!

Trouble On Parade: In Maine on businesss, Doc is mysteriously warned by everyone to leave if he values his health. Soon, Doc finds himself behind bars on trumped up charges. Forced to escape to prove his innocence, Doc travels to a secret cove that harbors a gang of bloodthirsty cutthroats, none of whom wish him good health!

Year First Published:1989

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Doc Savage: Bantam Omnibus #8
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780553278613
Publisher: Bantam Books  1989

Min Price: $20.00
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