Elephants Can Remember

by Agatha Christie

Following an otherwise-enjoyable literary luncheon, the celebrated crime novelist Ariadne Oliver is accosted by a particularly formidable woman who engages her in conversation about one of her many god-daughters, whom Ariadne hasn t seen since she was a child. She lands a bombshell with the question "What I want to know is this: did her mother kill her father, or was it the father who killed the mother?"

Affronted and bewildered by the assertiveness of this pushy busybody, Ariadne is nevertheless intrigued. There s only one thing for it. She must contact her old friend Hercule Poirot. Together they set about unraveling the mystery of a tragedy from the distant past provoked in equal measure by hate and love.

A classic Hercule Poirot investigation, Agatha Christie’s Elephants Can Remember has the expert detective delving into an unsolved crime from the past involving the strange death of a husband and wife.

Hercule Poirot stood on the clifftop. Here, many years earlier, there had been a fatal accident followed by the grisly discovery of two bodies—a husband and wife who had been shot dead.

But who had killed whom? Was it a suicide pact? A crime of passion? Or cold-blooded murder? Poirot delves into the past and discovers that “old sins leave long shadows.”

First Published: 1972

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Elephants Can Remember
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Publisher: Dodd Mead  1972

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Elephants Can Remember
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Elephants Can Remember
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ISBN: 9780062573438
Publisher: William Morrow  2016

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