The Evil Returns

by Hugh B. Cave

Haiti. In this land of mystery and magic, shadow and superstition, resides the most powerful - and most evil - master of voodoo. His ability to control minds has served him well indeed over the years, so well that his very name chills the blood of those who believe. Many thought him dead following a fiery attempt to destroy him. But magic such as this is not easily destroyed.

He has survived, scarred and deformed, but as powerful and vicious as ever. Now, with the aid of the dark forces at his command, he has set in motion a terrifying plan that will extend his control to unheard of lenghts.

Will anyone - or anything - be able to stop him, or will this be the beginning of a reign of unspeakable horror?

First Published: 2001

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The Evil Returns
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780843948936      ISBN 10: 0843948930
Publisher: Leisure Books  2001

Min: $2.99
Max: $84.71
Median: $6.22
# Books: 16


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