Fat Ollie's Book

by Ed McBain

All at once, Fat Ollie Weeks had a truly brilliant idea...

But as any real writer could tell you, that's how inspiration strikes -- with the sudden force of a violent crime. Known more for his foul mouth and short temper than his way with words, Detective Weeks has written a novel. But just as Isola is rocked by the murder of a mayoral candidate, the only copy of Ollie's manuscript is stolen -- and an all-too-real adventure begins as a thief follows Ollie's fictional blueprint to find a $2 million cache of nonexistent diamonds.

Now, the 87th Precinct races to bring poetic justice to a cold-blooded assassin -- and someone's about to add another chapter to the colorful career of Ollie Weeks, a cop who's never played by the book....

First Published: 2002

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Fat Ollie's Book
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Fat Ollie's Book
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Fat Ollie's Book
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Publisher: Pocket Books  2003

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