The Flame Master

by Grant Stockbridge

Richard Wentworth was playing the most dangerous game in the world--a man hunter outside the law; a righteous lone wolf avenger of the weak; a scourge of the evil, the wicked and the corrupt! Loathed by the organized armies of the underworld, hunted ruthlessly by the forces of the law, he was ever between two raking cross fires...

Seldom, however, had the Spider, Master of Men, faced the odds which challenged him when the man called Aronk Dong, summoned all the underworld to serve him in the most ghastly campaign of rampant crime and wholesale slaughter this country had ever experienced. Armed with a weapon which struck through stone walls at victims sleeping peacefully in their beds, it was small wonder that criminals everywhere hailed the new leader--and flocked in evil glee to his dark banner!

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Year First Published:1935
Series: The Spider # 18

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