Forced Perspectives

by Tim Powers

Fugitive federal agents Sebastian Vickery and Ingrid Castine, both sensitive to the ghosts that haunt the modern Los Angeles highways, byways, and secret nooks and crannies, are plunged into the supernatural secrets of the vast city and its history--from the fallout of Satanic indie movies of the Sixties, to the unquiet La Brea Tar Pits at midnight, to a haunted sunken city off the coast of San Pedro seeking to rise again.

They may be old hands at dealing with the spirit world, but they have never been in a pursuit so deadly with the stakes so high. For, if a ghost-addicted Silicon Valley guru has his way, the lost souls of a million Angelenos could be drawn into the creation of a predatory World God guaranteed to bring about the end of life as we know it. And Vickery and Castine are all that stand between it and California-sized destruction.

About Forced Perspectives:

"One book I've been hugely excited about is Tim Powers's latest, Forced Perspectives, set in the magical underbelly of modern-day Los Angeles. Powers may be the master of the secret history novel (and one of the originators of steampunk), but his recent work has really explored the history and magic of Tinseltown in a way no one else can." --Lavie Tindhar, The Washington Post

". . . frenetic urban fantasy that playfully blends Egyptian mythology, alternate Los Angeles history, and modern technology. . . . A cast of unusual side characters . . . add color and complexity. This labyrinthine tale of the bizarre and fantastic will grip urban fantasy enthusiasts until the end."--Publishers Weekly

"...moves at jet speed, along unpredictable paths, and resolves in a fully gratifying melee involving almost every major character, living or dead."--Locus Magazine

First Published: 2020

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Forced Perspectives
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ISBN: 9781982124403      ISBN 10: 1982124407
Publisher: Baen  2020

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Forced Perspectives
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781982125257      ISBN 10: 198212525X
Publisher: Baen  2021

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