Foundation's Triumph

by David Brin

Old and very tired, the father of Psychohistory, has retired, ready to let the discipline he founded protect humankind from its inevitable decline. then an offer comes to make one last journey, a far-reaching trip across the stars, searching for the seeds of chaos planted on planets across the universe. But Seldon himself is in danger, watched by revolutionaries and a robot in disguise.

For four decades, Isaac Asminov's magnificent Foundation Trilogy has gripped reader's imaginations; the Second Foundation Trilogy, approved by Asminov's estate, follows Asminov's characters and concepts to their breathtaking conclusion.

First Published:1999

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Foundation's Triumph
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ISBN: 9780061052415      ISBN 10: 0061052418
Publisher: HarperPrism  1999

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Foundation's Triumph
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ISBN: 9780061056390      ISBN 10: 0061056391
Publisher: HarperTorch  2000

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