From Time to Time

by Jack Finney

The New York Times Bestseller-- Jack Finney's long-awaited sequel to his classic illustrated novel "Time and Again".

Simon Morley, whose logic-defying trip to the New York City of the 1880s in "Time and Again" has enchanted readers for twenty-five years, embarks on another trip across the borders of time. This time Reuben Prien at the secret, government-sponsored Project wants Si to leave his home in the 1880s and visit New York in 1912. Si's mission: to protect a man who is traveling across the Atlantic with vital documents that could avert World War I. So one fateful day in 1912, Si finds himself aboard the world's most famous ship... the Titanic.

First Published: 1995

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From Time to Time
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780671898847      ISBN 10: 0671898841
Publisher: Simon & Schuster  1995

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Median: $9.50
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From Time to Time
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780684818443      ISBN 10: 0684818442
Publisher: Touchstone  1996

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Max: $63.00
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