Gadget Man

by Ron Goulart

A new political map of America's west coast...Its dark wit bites through a brittle, phony, not-so-far-off world, exposing its hollow insides.

The Republic of Southern California was in serious trouble. The casually repressive rule of the junta was threatened, not only by the growing band of guerrillas in the south, but also by the sudden, inexplicable outbreak of riots in the Republic's wealthiest suburbs.

Then word reached the Social Wing of the Police Corps that the daughter of the guerrillas' leader had information about the cause of the riots, and Sergeant James Xavier Hecker was sent to investigate.

Hecker was an unlikely policeman: not only did he lack any overwhelming personal ambition, but he also retained a vestigial faith in the good will of the men and women around him.

And his odyssey through the rubble of our consumption-oriented, gadget-filled, anything-for-kicks society-by turns surprising, appalling, and devilishly funny-makes an unusually entertaining and perceptive novel.

Year First Published:1972

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Gadget Man
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780446658799      ISBN 10: 0446658790
Publisher: Warner Books  1972

Min Price: $3.00
Max Price: $12.95
Median Price: $5.00
# Books: 11

Gadget Man
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781587154751      ISBN 10: 1587154757
Publisher: Wildside Press  2001

Min Price: $10.00
Max Price: $24.69
Median Price: $18.33
# Books: 3


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