Galactic Patrol

by E.E. Doc Smith

Galactic Patrol is the third of six classic "Lensman" books, long recognized as the greatest space opera ever written.

"The third of the 'Lensman' stories. This is the story of Kimball Kinnison, wearer of the Lens of Galactic Patrol, in his conflict with forces of lawlessness and crime known as Boskonia. It is the story of the Lens, the telepathic jewel matched to the ego of its wearer by those master philosophers, the Arisians. The story of Helmuth who 'speaks for Boskone,' of the Wheelman of Aldebaran I, of the Overlords of Delgon, of the strange worlds of Velantia, Trenco, and others." (From the 1954 Fantasy Press edition of Children of the Lens

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Year First Published:1937
Series: Lensman # 3

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