The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything

by John D. MacDonald

From John D. MacDonald, one of the enduring American novelists of the twentieth century, comes a science fiction classic with a timeless premise. An aimless young man discovers a way to stop the world in its tracks--and that's when his life truly begins.

Once an ordinary math teacher, Omar Krepps developed a knack for gambling, amassed a fabulous fortune, and spent the rest of his life traveling the world and giving away his millions. Upon his death, however, Krepps bequeaths nothing to his nephew and only living blood relative, Kirby Winter--nothing, that is, except an antique watch and a sealed letter to be opened after one year.

But Kirby has much more in his possession than he realizes. The watch has the power to manipulate time. Not only does this revelation shed light on the mystery of his uncle's life, it puts Kirby on the path to unimaginable wealth and a new lease on love . . . as well as a whole host of deadly troubles. Even in a universe where time is no issue, Kirby must tread carefully to stay one step ahead of danger.

Year First Published:1962

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The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780449127698      ISBN 10: 0449127699
Publisher: Fawcett  1985

Min Price: $2.99
Max Price: $119.78
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The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780812985290      ISBN 10: 081298529X
Publisher: Random House  2014

Min Price: $8.93
Max Price: $26.68
Median Price: $13.84
# Books: 14


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