by Ian Fleming

A friendly game of two-handed canasta that turns out thoroughly crooked. And a beautiful golden girl who ends up thoroughly dead... Bond's first encounter with Auric Goldfinger, the world's cleverest, crullest criminal, teaches him usefull lessons. Soon the game will change and the stakes will rise... to fifteen billion dollars worth of gold. But 007 knows that Goldfinger's rules remain brutally simple: heads I win, tails you die.

Auric Goldfinger is the richest man in England--though his wealth can't be found in banks. He's been hoarding vast stockpiles of his namesake metal, and it's attracted the suspicion of 007's superiors at MI6.

Sent to investigate, Bond uncovers an ingenious gold-smuggling scheme, as well as Goldfinger's most daring caper yet: Operation Grand Slam, a gold heist so audacious it could bring down the world economy and put the fate of the West in the hands of SMERSH. To stop Goldfinger, Bond will have to survive a showdown with the sinister millionaire's henchman, Oddjob, a tenacious karate master who can kill with one well-aimed toss of his razor-rimmed bowler hat.

First Published: 1959

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