Green Mars

by Kim Stanley Robinson

Nearly a generation has passed since the first pioneers landed, but the transformation of Mars to an Earth-like planet has just begun. In Green Mars the colonists will attempt to turn the red planet into a lush garden for humanity. They will bombard the atmosphere with ice meteorites to add moisture. They will seed the red deserts with genetically engineered plants. Then they will tap the boiling planetary core to warm the planet's frozen surface. But their heroic efforts don't go unchallenged.

For their plan to transform Mars is opposed by those determined to preserve the hostile and barren beauty of Mars. Led by rebels like Peter Clayborne, these young people are the first generation of children born on Mars, and they will be joined in their violent struggle by original settlers Maya Toitovna, Simon Frasier, and Sax Russell. Against this cosmic backdrop, passions, rivalries, and friendships will explode in a story as big as the planet itself.

A novel of breathtaking scope and imagination, of lyric intensity and social resonance, Kim Stanley Robinson employs years of research and state-of-the-art science to create a prophetic vision of where humanity is headed - and of what life will be like on another world.

Year First Published:1993

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Green Mars
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780553373356      ISBN 10: 0553373358
Publisher: Spectra  1994

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Green Mars
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780553572391      ISBN 10: 0553572393
Publisher: Spectra  1995

Min Price: $1.49
Max Price: $99.99
Median Price: $6.22
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