H is for Homicide

by Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton's PI Kinsey Millhone tackles insurance fraud in her latest outing--and finds that she'll have to commit some deceit of her own to catch a cold-blooded killer...


When PI Kinsey Millhone's good friend and colleague Parnell Perkins is found murdered in the parking lot behind California Fidelity Insurance, she can't believe he had any enemies. The only clue that raises a red flag for Kinsey is one of Parnell's files on a Bibianna Diaz, who appears to have made a lucrative career out of scamming insurance companies with phony claims...


Taking an alias, Kinsey goes undercover to befriend Bibianna, hoping she'll get close enough to catch the con artist at her own game. But Kinsey never dreams that hanging out with Bibianna will get them both thrown in jail. And when they're released, Bibianna's very jealous, very dangerous ex-fiancé Raymond Maldonado is waiting for them.


Kinsey soon discovers the short-tempered thug is the kingpin behind Bibianna's and countless other phony insurance claims. But was Raymond also responsible for Parnell's death? All Kinsey knows is that she'll have to think quick to nab one of the most treacherous criminals she's come face to face with--and keep herself alive...

First Published: 1991

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H is for Homicide
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Publisher: Henry Holt and Co  1991

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H is for Homicide
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H is for Homicide
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ISBN: 9780312945657      ISBN 10: 0312945655
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks  2007

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