by Ron Goulart

Science Fiction or Prophesy?

Werewolves in Connecticut? A liberal-conservative revolution? An underground "dirty tricks" squad who rob from the poor to give to the rich? Scandal in the highest political circles?

Almost before Reporter Noah Kraft knows what he's after - if he ever really learns - he's captured by the ultra-conservative Robin Hood Foundation, meets its superpatriot leader, George Washington II, has a run-in with the Jersey Mafia (which claims it doesn't exist), and finds out what the mystery is behind the name "Hawkshaw".

It's a wild and wacky satire on today's political climate - to its mind-boggling extreme in a radically different United States ... thirty-odd years from now.

First Published: 1972

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Format: Paperback
Publisher: Award Books  1972

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ISBN: 9780709138556      ISBN 10: 0709138555
Publisher: Doubleday  1973

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