by Greg Bear

Two hundred years in the future, the Moon is emerging from an age of innocence. Once pioneers, the easiest motto for these Lunar families is 'Cut the Politics'. They think they are safe from the sophistication and corruption of political intrigue.William Pierce is searching for absolute zero. No scientist has succeeded yet, and William is almost there...

His wife Rho has bought 410 heads, cryogenically frozen centuries before in the hope of resurrection. She thinks she can read them for information. But there are dangers.William doesn't quite understand that his experiments could distort space and time. Rho doesn't realise that her heads will bring interference from a new and deadly faction, the devotedly religious Logologists. 'Cut the Politics'. But they can't.

And the politics of this society could destroy much, much more than Rho and William's work...

Year First Published:1990

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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780712636780      ISBN 10: 0712636781
Publisher: Legend  1990

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ISBN: 9780712621748      ISBN 10: 0712621741
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Publisher: St. Martin's Press  1991

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ISBN: 9780099714804      ISBN 10: 0099714809
Publisher: Legend  1991

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Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780812519969      ISBN 10: 0812519965
Publisher: Tor Books  1992

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